Patterson, F.G. – A Chosen Vessel

A Chosen Vessel
“The Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me” (Act_9:15).
F G. Patterson.
London: G. Morrish
Chapter 1: The Vessel in The Potter: The Potter in The Vessel
Chapter 2: The End of Man’s History
Chapter 3: The Vessel Called: The New Man
Chapter 4: The Vessel Set Free
Chapter 5: Why Did God Permit the Entrance of Evil?
Chapter 6: The New Man
Chapter 7: The Vessel Emptied of Human Strength
Chapter 8: The Purpose of God in the Vessel
Chapter 9: God in the Vessel

Patterson, F G  - A Chosen Vessel (wlue777)
Patterson, F G - A Chosen Vessel (wlue777)
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