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A few thoughts on Christian Position, Conflict, Hope.


Part 1.

Chapter 1. The Purposes of God, and the State of the People.

Our Tract Ministry

This page describes our tract ministry, including tract production (printing and folding). Our ministry is not that big yet, but we continue to grow. We have about 350 Spanish titles and 90 English titles and are adding translations into other languages. Please read this page and pray for this ministry.

Chapter 2. Judgment Announced and the Way of Escape: the Bunch of Hyssop.

Chapter 3. The Seal of the Holy Spirit on the Forgiveness of Sins.

Chapter 4. Redemption.

Chapter 5. Praise: the Song of Grace and Glory.

Chapter 6. Heavenly Places.

Chapter 7. Canaan First; then the Lessons of the Wilderness.

Chapter 8. “Gilgal”: the Stones of Memorial in the Jordan and at Gilgal.

Part 2.

Chapter 9. “Gilgal”: Circumcision, Positional and Practical.

Chapter 10. “Gilgal”: the Passover on the Plains of Jericho.

Chapter 11. “Gilgal” “the Old Corn of the Land.”.

Chapter 12. “Gilgal”: the Captain of the Host.

Chapter 13. Condition of Soul to Face the Foe: the Loins Girded with the Truth.

Chapter 14. Condition of Soul: the Breastplate of Righteousness.

Chapter 15. Condition of Soul: Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace.

Chapter 16. Condition of Soul: the Shield of Faith.

Chapter 17. Condition of Soul: the Helmet of Salvation: and the Sword of the Spirit.

Chapter 18. Condition of Soul: Prayer.

Chapter 19. “Good Success” in our Spiritual Warfare.

Part 3.

Chapter 20. Realization: the Seven Trumpets of Rams’ Horns.

Chapter 21. Unity of Action; Diversity of Operation: Joshua’s Spear.

Chapter 22. “The Last Trump:” Conclusion.



Patterson, F G  - Lord's Host , The (wlue777)
Patterson, F G - Lord's Host , The (wlue777)
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