Rossier Meditations on Joshua

Rossier Meditations on Joshua

Rossier Meditations on Joshua
By H. L. Rossier

This is a Brethren author, and this work is a devotional commentary on the book of Joshua.

Rossier Meditations on Joshua Contents

Joshua  1. The Leaders — The Land and its Boundaries — The Moral Qualifications for Entrance — Those who enter
Joshua  2. Rahab
Joshua  3. Jordan
Joshua  4. The Twelve Stones at Gilgal — The Twelve Stones in the Midst of Jordan
Joshua  5. Circumcision — Gilgal — Canaan’s Food — The Captain of the Lord’s Host
Joshua  6. Jericho
Joshua  7. Ai and the Accursed Thing
Joshua  8. The Way of Recovery — The Recovery of Gibeah — Results of Discipline
Joshua  9. The Snare of Gibeon
Joshua 10. The Victory of Gibeon
Joshua 11. The Conquest of Hazor — The Anakim
Joshua 12. Enumeration of the Vanquished Kings
Joshua 13. Division of the Land — The Portion of levi
Joshua 14. Caleb’s Purpose of Heart
Joshua 20, 21. The Cities of Refuge
Joshua 22. Altar of Ed
Joshua 23. Instructions to Joshua
Joshua 24. Grace in Contrast to Law

This brother requested at his death that he should not be spoken of. Information is therefore very brief. Here is a quotation from one who knew him.

“He was well known as a physician, but he heard at an early age the call of the Lord to serve Him. He was for 58 years the editor of the monthly periodical ‘Le Messager Evangelique’ which is still a precious paper among the brethren in France and French-speaking Switzerland. He has left to his brethren the most valuable written ministry; many writings for the edification of the saints (notes and studies) and beautiful poetic works. He also wrote 28 hymns of a great elevation for the book still in use in our meetings” — [that is in France].

Notes from “Songs of Pilgrimage and Glory” by E.E. Cornwall: Stem Publishing

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Rossier, H L - Meditations On The Book Of Joshua
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