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Discovering Christ in GALATIANS

By Don Fortner

Discovering Christ in GALATIANS is a 35 chapter commentary on Galatians by Pastor Fortner (Baptist, Calvinist-Reformed).

Table of Contents of Discovering Christ in GALATIANS

1. Paul an Apostle of Christ
2. The Singularity of the Gospel
3. Our Gospel is of God
4. All of Grace
5. What happened at Jerusalem?
6. Free Justification (Gal 2:11-19)
7. Christ And Me

8. “I Do Not Frustrate The Grace Of God”
9. “Who Hath Bewitched You?” (Gal 3:1-18)
10. The Preservative
11. The Holy Spirit and the Hearing of Faith
12. “Are ye so foolish?”
13. “Children of Abraham”
14. “The Just Shall Live By Faith”
15. Christ Our Redeemer
16. Salvation: The Promised Inheritance of Free Grace
17. “Wherefore Then Serveth The Law?” Gal 3:19-29

18. “All the Children of God”
19. The Faith of Christ and Our Faith in Christ
20. Adoption Accomplished
21. “I Am Afraid of You”
22. “Until Christ Be Formed in You”
23. Two Covenants
24. Hagar and Sarah
25. The Blessed Liberty of Grace
26. The Hope of Righteousness
27. Troublers of Israel

28. “A More Excellent Way”
29. My Soul’s Greatest Trouble
30. “But If Ye Be Led of the Spirit”
31. “The Fruit of the Spirit is…”
32. Walk in the Spirit
33. Serving One Another
34. Sowing in the Spirit
35. Glorying in the Cross

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This module was created by wlue777 in colloboration with David Cox. We would like to thank Rev. Don Fortner of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY to allow us to convert his works into these modules.

Fortner, Don - Discovering Christ In Galatians (wlue777)
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Author:Fortner, Don
Date:June 18, 2018