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Arthur A Dollar on the Conscience!

Arthur A Dollar on the Conscience! by Timothy Shay Arthur is a short story (fiction) on the role of money in life.

Arthur Ways of Providence

Arthur Ways of Providence is Christian Fiction in which the dealings of God (providence) are considered as to our prosperity and our adversity in this life.

Arthur True Riches

Arthur True Riches a Christian Fiction work on evaluating what is really true riches, which are those spiritual things we can obtain from God alone.

Abelson Jewish Mysticism

Abelson Jewish Mysticism is a brief 8 chapter work on Jewish Mysticism, touching on Essenism, Merkabah, Metatron, Fellowship, Yetsirah, sefirot, etc.

Abbott Cyrus the Great

Abbott Cyrus the Great is a historical work about a ruler in Bible times so as to provide background material in understanding the times of the Bible.