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Abelson Jewish Mysticism

Abelson Jewish Mysticism is a brief 8 chapter work on Jewish Mysticism, touching on Essenism, Merkabah, Metatron, Fellowship, Yetsirah, sefirot, etc.

Abbott Cyrus the Great

Abbott Cyrus the Great is a historical work about a ruler in Bible times so as to provide background material in understanding the times of the Bible.

Anderson, Kirby – Christian Rumors

Anderson, Kirby – Christian Rumors This is a single chapter work on Christian Rumors. Anderson explains a few of them,…

Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine is an anonymous Doctrines book by a Calvinistic author. It has 50 topics/chapters, and does a good treatment on these topics even if it is a briefer treatment. Each chapter has 10 points with a paragraph or two of comments on each point. Lots of verses.

Anderson, A. P. Moore – Biography of Sir Robert Anderson

Sir Robert Anderson and Lady Agnes Anderson by A.P.Moore-Anderson (his son) Sir Robert Anderson Secret Service Theologian An Official Biography…