Carradine, B. – The Better Way

The Better Way
By Beverly Carradine

In this treatise of 24 chapters by Carradine (Methodist), he basically proposes the backbone of the Methodist Church distinctive, “the Method” of salvation and holiness.

1. Opening Words.
2. Better Redemption.
3. Better Prayer.
4. Better Hope.
5. The More Excellent Sacrifice.
6. The Better Covenant.
7. The Better Experience.
8. The Better Supping.
9. The More Excellent Way.
10. The Better Life.
11. The Deeper Salvation.
12. A Greater Privilege.
13. The Better Resurrection.
14. An Abundant Entrance unto Heaven.
15. The Better Reward at Judgment Day.
16. The Better Company in Heaven.
17. A Higher Grade in Eternity.
18. How to Enter into the Better Way
19. Paul’s Way.
20. The Saviour’s Way.
21. The Methodist Church Way.
22. Some Witnesses in Wesley’s Day.
23. Some Witnesses in our Time.
24. How I entered in.

Carradine, Beverly - The Better Way
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Author:Carradine, B.
Date:January 23, 2017