Chafer – Major Bible Themes [t] [m]

Major Bible Themes BY LEWIS SPERRY CHAFER 1871-1952 (This book is in the public domain)

This is a doctrines survey book with the following topics: Bible, God, Trinity, Dispensations, Covenants, Angels, Satan, Man, Sin, law and Grace, Sanctification, Righteousness, Security, Assurance, Church, Sabbath, Love, Prayer, Service, Thanksgiving, Stewardship, Prophecy, Judgment, eternal state.

Chafer – Major BibleThemes

CONTENTS of Chafer – Major BibleThemes

Author’s Introduction 1. The Bible: The Word of God 2. The Bible: Inspired of God 3. The Bible: Its Subject and Purpose 4. God the Trinity: His Person and Deity 5. God the Father 6. God the Son: His Pre-existence 7. God the Son: His Incarnation 8. God the Son: His Substitutionary Death 9. God the Son: His Resurrection and Ascension 10 God the Son: His Priestly Ministry 11 God the Son: His Coming for His Saints 12 God the Son: His Coming with His Saints 13 God the Holy Spirit: His Personality 14 God the Holy Spirit: His Advent 15 God the Holy Spirit: His Anointing 16 God the Holy Spirit: His Ministry 17 God the Holy Spirit: His Baptism 18 The Dispensations 19 The Covenants 20 The Angels 21 Satan: His Personality and Power 22 Satan: His Work and Destiny 23 Man: His Creation 24 Man: His Fall 25 Sin: Its Character and Universality 26 Sin: God’s Remedy for It 27 Law and Grace 28 Salvation from the Guilt and Penalty of Sin 29 Salvation from the Power of Sin 30 Four Aspects of Righteousness 31 Sanctification I 32 Sanctification II 33 Security 34 Assurance 35 The Church: Her Membership 36 The Church: Her Mission 37 The Sabbath 38 The Lord’s Day and the New Creation 39 Love 40 Prayer 41 Service 42 Thanksgiving 43 Stewardship 44 Prophecy in the Old Testament 45 Prophecy in the New Testament 46 Judgment of the Believer’s Works 47 Judgment of the Nations 48 Judgment of the Wicked 49 The Eternal Estate of the Redeemed


George C. Stebbins whose intimate companionship has for thirty years been to me an abiding inspiration and whose imcomparable gospel music like celestial wings has carried to multitudes of souls in every land the great truths of God’s word.

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