Davies, Samuel – Choice Sermons

Davies, Samuel – Choice Sermons

A New Year’s Gift!
Lessons from the Recent EARTHQUAKE
The Justice of God—and the Sins of Our Country
This Very Year You are Going to Die!
The Resurrection of Damnation
The General Resurrection
The Universal Judgment
The Success of the Gospel by the Divine Power upon the Souls of Men
The Nature of Love to God and Christ, Opened and Enforced
The Christian Feast
Divine Mercy to Mourning Penitents
Life’s Shortness and Vanity
Unseen Things to Be Preferred to Seen Things
The Rejection of Gospel-light, the Condemnation of Men
Ingratitude to God—a Heinous but General Iniquity
Divine Government—the Joy of Our World
The Sacred Import of the Christian Name
The Nature and Danger of Making Light of Christ and Salvation
Jesus Christ, the Only Foundation
The One Thing Needful
The Compassion of Christ to Weak Believers
The Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion
The Vessels of Mercy and the Vessels of Wrath Delineated
The Wonderful Compassion of Christ to the Greatest Sinners
On the Death of King George II
A Time of Unusual Sickness and Mortality Improved
The Christian Ministry
Serious Reflections on WAR

Davies, Samuel - Choice Sermons
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Author:Davies, Samuel
Date:February 14, 2020