Everard, George – Help and Consolation from the Sanctuary

To walk with God, to please Him more and more, to abide in fellowship with His Son, and to abound in the fruits of righteousness — must be the daily aim of every true-hearted Christian. But to do this requires continual, painstaking effort, the use of all available means of grace, and waiting perpetually on … Read more

Everard, George – Choice Quotes

He it was who suffered a shameful and cruel death at the hands of His own creatures (George Everard, “Help on the Way to the Better Land!” 1873) – excerpt Everard, George – Choice Quotes (wlue777) Everard-George-Choice-Quotes-wlue777.topx 0.4 MiB 97 Downloads Details Author:Everard, G. Category:Topx-e Date:August 15, 2016