Fortner Church of God

Fortner Church of God

by Don Fortner

Summary of Fortner Church of God

This is a 18 chapter work on the Church by Pastor Fortner (Baptist, Calvinist-Reformed). Some of his topics include public worship, faithful pastors-their need, their character and conduct, the concept of watchman, elders, ordinances, baptism, Lord’s Supper, church membership, etc.

Table of Contents Fortner Church of God

1. Public worship
2. The church of God
3. The necessity for faithful pastors
4. The character and conduct of faithful pastors
5. The test of a watchman
6. What should I do for my pastor?
7. The elders of the church
8. The office of a deacon
9. Three gospel ordinances
10. The gospel ordinance of baptism
11. Church membership
12. Church membership: our responsibilities to one another
13. The Lord’s Supper
14. Coming together in church
15. Hearing the Word of God
16. What should the church be?


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