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Fortner, D.S. – The Attributes of God©

In this 26 chapter work The Attributes of God by Fortner (Calvinist-Reformed), he examines the different attributes of God: The Solitariness of God, Immutability of God, Sovereignty of God, Omniscience of God, Divine Foreknowledge, Omnipotence of God, Our Infinite-Eternal-Omnipresent God, Holiness of God, Wisdom of God, Will of God, Purpose of God, Faithfulness of God, Love of God, “God is Love”, Longsuffering of God, Lovingkindness of God, Goodness of God, Grace of God, Mercy of God, Gifts of God, Joy of God, Life of God, Sufficiency of God, Blessedness of God, Righteousness of God, and Righteousness of God Revealed.

Fairbairn, P. – Pastoral Theology

This is a treatise for Pastors on their duties and the obligations of their ministries. Fairbairn first turns to the nature of the pastoral office, its relationship to the church, the nature of it, and the call to enter the office. Then he discusses the social life of the pastor, special duties of the office, different kinds of discourses, pastoral visitations and catechetical instruction, visitation of the sick, afflicted and dying. He then turns to public prayer and devotional services, the administration of discipline, and finally the subsidiary means and agencies.

Fortner, Don – Glorious State of God’s Saints in Heaven

This is a must read for the Christian when one considers what is on the other side of death! Fortner,…

Fortner, Don – Manifold Wisdom of God

11 Sermons on the Manifold Wisdom of God by Don Fortner Fortner, Don – Manifold Wisdom Of God Fortner-Don-Manifold-Wisdom-of-God.topx 0.5…

Fortner, Don – Through the Bible Series1 (kotg)

A survey of the 66 Books of the Bible done by Don Fortner Fortner, Don – Through The Bible Series1…