Words of Comfort Devotional

Words of Comfort for each day of the year. Gleaned from gracegems.org



How great then, is the blessedness of true believers!
(John MacDuff <http://gracegems.org/17/Macduff.htm>, “Looking unto Jesus!” 1856)
God says, “I will be their God — and they shall be My people.” 2Co 6:15. This is a promise in which every other promise is included. Sometimes God says to the Christian: I will be your strength, your righteousness, your deliverer, your shield, your reward; but these are nothing but modifications of the former.
Believer! endeavor to realize something of the blessedness involved in having God for your God. For this purpose, think of the representations He gives of Himself in His word. Think of Him . . .
in all the perfections of His nature,
in His unsearchable riches,
in His unspeakable glory,
in His omnipotent power,
in His universal dominion,
in His spotless purity,
in His eternal veracity,
and, above all, in His infinite grace and mercy!
And having viewed Him thus, you may venture to say, with unwavering faith and adoring gratitude, “This God is my God forever and ever, and He will be my guide even unto death!” Psa 48:14. How great then, is the blessedness of true believers!



Comfort Devotional
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Author:Multiple Authors
Date:November 4, 2016