Patterson, F.G. – Church of God, the

Table of Contents

Lecture 1: Christ “Head over All the Assembly, which is His Body”;
a. Christ, “Head over all things”;
b. “Head . . . to the assembly.”;
c. “Which is His Body.”
Lecture 2: “The House of God, which is the Assembly of the Living God.”
Lecture 3: Christ Amongst the Candlesticks Rev_1:1-20 — 3, Part 1
Lecture 4: “Him that Overcometh”, Part 2
Lecture 5: Our Present Condition and Our Hope
Lecture 6: The Church in the Glory; and the Father’s House

Patterson, F G  - Church Of God, The (wlue777)
Patterson, F G - Church Of God, The (wlue777)
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