Pett, Peter – Islam and the Koran

The purpose of this page is not to denigrate Muslims or take up a position of belligerence towards them, but in order that readers may have the opportunity to learn about Muslim belief, not as it is presented by Muslims for the purpose of winning adherents in the West, but the true position as it is revealed in their own writings and history.

People may then decide for themselves how much credence they should give to the Koran and to the faith of Islam. We live in a world where the Muslim religion is trying to force itself on our attention, but we must in fact differentiate between the tenets of the Koran, which are certainly partly to blame for the violence and wholesale murder being carried out by extremists, although also recommending peace between men, (the Koran is not consistent), and the ordinary Muslim who wants to live at peace with others. Fortunately not all Muslims feel that they have literally to carry out all that is taught in the Koran. Were they to do so Armageddon would be upon us.

Pett, Peter - Islam And The Koran
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Author:Pett, P.
Date:January 22, 2018