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Sherman, Thomas – Aids to the Divine Life

Aids to the Divine Life The commendation of a Christian is to have truth written in his heart—and read in…

Strong, A.H. – A Tour of the Missions

In this 18 chapter book Tour of the Missions by Strong (Baptist) he gives us a diary of his missions trip in 1918 throughout the eastern Asian countries.

Shute, A.L. – The Fatherhood of God

In this work, Fatherhood of God, Shute explores the theories of the Universal Fatherhood of God, and he then refutes them. He then explores the major premise of universalism, also answers that. He then explores the specific teachings of Scripture on the issues, doing a study on fatherhood and sonship, especially focusing on the NT teachings.

Smith, J. – Book of Mormon

This is the book of Mormon (1830) by Joseph Smith Book of Mormon is not a work by God nor no angel sent by God but is a fabrication of Joseph Smith’s own demented mind.

Stalker, James – How to Study the Bible

The purpose of this article is to give a few practical hints on the best ways of studying the Bible.