Waterbury, Jared-Considerations for Young Men

The author of the following letters, having been placed, by the providence of God, in circumstances favorable to acquiring a knowledge of the feelings, principles, and habits of young men — has ventured, with dependence on Divine aid, to address them in relation to subjects the most important which can engage their attention. The class of individuals to whom this work is inscribed, namely, those who belong to our principal cities and colleges, are the hope of our country. They embody, in a great degree, the influence which is destined to sway the moral and political interests of the nation. The author is deeply sensible of the responsibility of addressing so large and so respectable a class in the community; but he hopes that a perusal of the following sheets will convince his young readers, that his intentions at least are benevolent. The form of letters was adopted, because it admitted, as the author supposed, greater familiarity and directness; and also, because there is, unhappily, among many, a prejudice against essays, lectures, or sermons.

Let it not be supposed, however, that these letters are intended to displace, or supersede the many valuable sermons and lectures to the young, which are already before the public. Far from it; they are designed as a humble accompaniment. The author intended them as a manual, which the hand of Christian benevolence might offer to a friend, and which the pious parent might commit to a beloved son, upon leaving the paternal roof, for a residence among strangers.


Waterbury, Jared-Considerations For Young Men (wlue777)
Waterbury, Jared-Considerations For Young Men (wlue777)
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