Daily devotionals written by Octavius Winslow from gravegems,org.

Sample devotional:

Near the cross of Jesus!
(Octavius Winslow, “Nearness to the Cross”)

“Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother….” Joh 19:25

Take your place with Mary, by the cross of Jesus.

There meet and blend suffering and love, sorrow and
sympathy. Standing in faith by the cross, you are near
the suffering Savior, the loving Son, the sympathizing
Brother born for your present grief. Jesus, in the depth
and tenderness of His love, is at this moment all that
He was when, in soul travail, He cast that ineffable look
of filial love and sympathy upon His anguished mother.

He can….
enter into your circumstances,
understand your grief,
sustain and soothe your spirit
as one only can who has partaken of the cup
of woe which now trembles in your hand.

Drink that cup submissive to His will, for He drank
deeply of it before you, and has left the fragrance
of His sympathy upon its brim.

Your sorrow is not new to Christ.

Stand close to the cross of Jesus!

It is the most accessible and precious spot this
side of heaven; the most solemn and awesome
one this side of eternity.

The cross of Jesus is the focus of
divine love, sympathy, and power.

Stand by it in suffering, in persecution, in
temptation. Stand by it in the brightness of
prosperity and in the gloom of adversity.

Go to Christ’s cross in trouble, repair to it in
weakness, cling to it in danger, hide beneath it
when the wintry storm rushes fiercely over you.

Near to the cross, you are near a Father’s heart, a Savior’s side.

You seem to enter the gate of heaven, to stand
beneath the vestibule of glory. Nothing but love
will welcome your approach to the cross of Jesus;
love that….
pardons all your sins,
flows over all your unworthiness,
heals all your wounds,
soothes all your sorrows, and
will shelter you within its blessed pavilion until
earth is changed for heaven, and you lay down
the warrior’s sword for the victor’s palm, and
spring from the foot of the cross to the foot
of the throne, “forever with the Lord.”

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Author:Winslow, Octavius
Date:November 27, 2019