Welcome to David Cox’s e-Sword module Library!

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Welcome to our new e-Sword module library website. We would like to invite you to look around, and download what you like. We are presenting you this library website of e-Sword modules.  There is a partnership between David Cox and wlue777 who have experience in developing ES files. These same files will also be in TW format, TheWord.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve the people of God, and that being the case, and the fact that I have a large e-Sword depository of modules and files on my hard drive, I decided to make this website for you to download these modules.

1 thought on “Welcome to David Cox’s e-Sword module Library!”

  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for your immense service for us using e-sword, TW, etc. I have both but I use esword mainly because of the macros on my MS Word to access to Bibles directly to write notes, etc. This is cool! I have modules meant for esword v 8.0.6. and I stick to this version because also there are some free modules there which I can use which is now a paid version in the later versions. But I can’t find my esword 8.0.6. setup file anymore. I guess it was in an external hdd which got corrupted. Any idea where I can find the same version again for installation? Thanks again and God bless.


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