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Booklets of Samuel Ridout

Topic: Booklets of Samuel Ridout
by Samuel Ridout

The Corporate Features of the Lord’s Supper

The Limits of Discipline

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Date:February 26, 2015

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With those who rightly appreciate it, the Lord’s supper occupies a place absolutely unique. Its holy, tender memories recalling the Person and work of our blessed Lord; its reminder of the fulness of blessing that is ours, and the place of nearness that we occupy through His death; the bright outlook into eternity that is opened up in connection with it: — these and much more make its celebration, an expression of the fullest communion, the most absorbing love, the most triumphant worship. Words fail to convey, to those who do not understand these things, the precious privilege of remembering the Lord in the breaking of bread. There is a charm, an attractiveness about it, that is divine. It is dependent upon no externals, of place or form, these would but mar its simple perfections for its proper observance. Ministry, no matter how gifted, is not necessary. The Lord’s people come together, in dependence upon Himself alone, to meet and to remember Him. If gifted ministry be present, its place is in the back-ground. Officialism of any kind would be an intrusion, and a check upon the free, gracious ministry of the Holy Ghost, whose delight it is to occupy us with Christ alone. But let us for a little examine the character of this feast, so wondrous in its simplicity.