Owen, J. – Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel

Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel

Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel
By John Owen


In this 13 chapter work, Owen presents various thoughts on the nature and causes of Apostasy from the Gospel; looking at the mystery of truth; partial apostasy; nature, reasons, and causes, darkness and ignorance; pride and vanity; Slothful Negligence; peculiar Defection; apostasy from holiness; apostasy into profaneness and sensuality; apostasy from evangelical worship; and directions to avoid power of apostasy.

This Edition of THE WORKS OF JOHN OWEN first published by Johnstone & Hunter, 1850-53


Chapter 1. The Nature of Apostasy from the Gospel Declared, in an Exposition of Hebrews 6:4-6. 13

Chapter 2. Partial Apostasy from the Gospel — Pretenses of the Church of Rome against the Charge of this Evil Examined and Rejected. 46

Chapter 3. Apostasy from the mystery, truth, or Doctrine of the Gospel — Proneness of Persons and churches thereunto — proved by all sorts of instances. 53

Chapter 4. Reasons and Causes of Apostasy 69

Chapter 5. Darkness and ignorance another cause of Apostasy. 89

Chapter 6. Pride and Vanity of Mind, Sloth and Negligence, Love of the World, Causes of Apostasy — The Work of Satan, and judgments of God in this Matter. 106

Chapter 7. Instance of a peculiar Defection from the Truth of the Gospel; with the Reasons of it. 124

Table of Contents continued

Chapter 8. Apostasy from the Holiness of the Gospel; the occasion and cause of it — of that which is gradual, on the pretense of somewhat else in its room. 136

Chapter 9. Apostasy into profaneness and sensuality of life — the causes and occasions of it, — defects in public teachers and guides in Religion. 154

Chapter 10 Other causes and occasions of the Decay of Holiness. 166

Chapter 11. Apostasy from Evangelical Worship. 183

Chapter 12. Inferences from the foregoing Discourses 187

Chapter 13 Directions to Avoid the Power of a Prevailing Apostasy. 203



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