Bustin, G.T. – My First Fifty Years

My First Fifty Years
by Gerald Bustin

In this 21 chapter biography of the life of Bustin, he examines various events of his life.


CHAPTER 1: Birth and Beginnings
CHAPTER 2: My Two Besetting Sins
CHAPTER 3: Loneliness and Heart-Cravings
CHAPTER 4: Losing “Mamma” and Finding Mother
CHAPTER 5: Bible School Days
CHAPTER 6: My First Evangelistic Slate
CHAPTER 7: Wedding Bells and the Way of the Cross
CHAPTER 8: Dust Storms on the Horizon
CHAPTER 9: The Master Speaks Again
CHAPTER 10: Home Again and the Harvest Call
CHAPTER 11: War Breaks Out on Andros Island
CHAPTER 12: The War Rages — Enemies Are Slain
CHAPTER 13: Haiti on the Horizon — Other Experiences
CHAPTER 14: Haiti Bound
CHAPTER 15: An Unforgettable Experience
CHAPTER 16: More of Boats and Our Beginning in Haiti
CHAPTER 17: New Guinea and My Greatest Grief
CHAPTER 18: The Bustin and Menefee Memorial
CHAPTER 19: Marriage Again and Our Home
CHAPTER 20: The Miracle Broadcasting Station
CHAPTER 21: Facing the Future Challenge

FOREWORD from My First Fifty Years

My beloved companion, my children, and others of God’s dear children are largely responsible for this book being in print today.
It has been a problem to know what to leave out and what to put in. I have endeavored to include that which might be of interest and inspiration both to young and old. For all its flaws I take the blame. For that which proves a blessing to our readers, may God be praised.
My prayers go with this book that every reader may be blessed of God, and that in that “better country” we shall mutually share our experiences of God’s marvelous grace.

His and yours for the “Other Sheep.”

G. T. B. – My First Fifty Years

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