Meyer, F.B. – David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King

F. B. Meyer, B.A.

In this book Pastor Meyer examines the life of David from the Sheepcotes to King of Israel. Various critical points of his life which reveal his relationship with God are examined.


1. Taken From The Sheepcotes
2. “From That Day Forward”
3. Summoned To The Palace
4. A Dark Background
5. The Faith Of God’s Elect
6. “In The Name Of The Lord Of Hosts”
7. Jonathan
8. Outside The House, And In
9. The Message Of The Arrows
10. Almost Gone
11. The Cave Of Adullam
12. The White Stone
13. Songs Born Of Sorrow
14. David’s Self-Restraint
15. Cush: A Benjamite
16. A Cool Hand On A Hot Head
17. A Fit Of Mistrust
18. The Mercy Of God That Led To Repentance
19. Thrice Crowned
20. Oh For The Water Of The Well Of Bethlehem!
21. Jerusalem, The Holy City
22. The Conveyance Of The Ark To Mount Zion
23. “Thou Didst Well That It Was In Thine Heart”
24. “Yet Have I Set My King”
25. The Sin Of His Life
26. The Stripes Of The Children Of Men
27. Sunset And Evening Star


Meyer, F B  - David, Shephard, Psalmist, King
Meyer, F B - David, Shephard, Psalmist, King
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