Meyer, F.B. – Israel a Prince with God

Israel, A Prince with God
by Frederick Brotherton Meyers.
From the OT Bible Characters Series.

In this book Meyers examines the Bible person of Israel (Jacob). He has 16 chapters that examine the various highpoints in the life of Israel: Sale of birthright, the stolen blessing, the angel-ladder, the noble resolve, education in the home, the midnight wrestling match, back to Bethel, the God of Jacob, etc.

CONTENTS of Israel a Prince with God

Chapter 1. First Impressions.
Chapter 2. The Sale of the Birthright
Chapter 3. The Stolen Blessing
Chapter 4. The Angel-Ladder
Chapter 5. The Noble Resolve.

Chapter 6. The Education of Home.
Chapter 7. The Mid-Passage of Life.
Chapter 8. The Stirring-up of the Nest
Chapter 9. The Midnight Wrestle.
Chapter 10. The Failure.

Chapter 11. Back to Bethel
Chapter 12. The School of Sorrow.
Chapter 13. Glimpses of the Israel-Nature.
Chapter 14. Rest, and the Rest Giver.
Chapter 15. Home: At Last.
Chapter 16. The God of Jacob.

Meyer, F B - Israel A Prince With God
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Author:Meyer, F.
Date:April 29, 2019