Meyer, F.B. – John the Baptist

John the Baptist
by Frederick Brotherton Meyer

In this book, Meyer examines the life and ministry of John the Baptist. He points out the interest in where John came from (his ancestry), his ministry as THE PROPHET before God Almighty, the baptism of John unto Repentance, the first public manifestation of the Messiah directly in the presence of John, the secondary nature or deference of John before Christ, the questioning of John to Christ if he is the Messiah. the concept of John the Baptist ministering in the Spirit and Power of Elias.


Chapter 1. The Interest of His Biography.
Chapter 2. The House of Zacharias.
Chapter 3. His Schools and Schoolmasters.
Chapter 4. The Prophet of the Highest

Chapter 5. The first ministry of the Baptist
Chapter 6. Baptism unto Repentance
Chapter 7. The Manifestation of the Messiah.
Chapter 8. Not that Light, but a Witness.
Chapter 9. “He must Increase, but I must decrease”
Chapter 10. The King’s Court.
Chapter 11. “Art thou he?”

Chapter 12. “None Greater than John the Baptist, Yet”
Chapter 13. A burning and shining Light
Chapter 14. Set at Liberty
Chapter 15. The Grave of John and another grave
Chapter 16. Yet Speaking
Chapter 17. The Spirit and Power of Elias.

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Author:FB Meyers
Date:April 1, 2019