Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament

Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament

This is a Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible.

I have changed this module from what was there to a new version. In this new version, the Hebrew Strong numbers work with the tooltip function.

If you have any other problems with this module please post a comment stating the problem, and I will try to fix it.

Hebrew-interlinear Bblx
4.3 MiB

This is a Hebrew-English Interlineal Bible Version.

Platforms:Windows 8
Requirements:e-Sword v9
Date:June 19, 2017

8 thoughts on “Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament”

  1. David, thanks for posting the Hebrew English Interlinear Bible for version 8. I know you are promoting TheWord so I hesitate to ask this but here goes: Are the Strongs numbers supposed to act as hyperlinks that trigger the KJC dictionary? If not that’s okay, I just wanted to be sure if my installation worked right. Thanks again!

    • Hi Gerald, Yes I am working almost exclusively in theWord these days. The program is just better than e-Sword. I know there are a lot of e-sword users out there that don’t want to switch. Fine. No problem. I have libraries with a lot of e-Sword modules, and Lord willing, I will be up dating this website with them. The main consideration is copyrights. This is complicated, but simply put, I have to do some research on each module to try to figure out the copyright status of a module before posting it, and that has been the big hang up with posting stuff here. In a few cases there are copyright considerations like somebody giving me the permission to post their work, and others cannot get it. I will be posting some of Walvoord’s works in e-Sword format shortly because of this. Since I have the permission, I will post them here.

      Concerning your question, Yes, they should. I do not have e-Sword installed on my computer anymore (the old computer fried the hard disk, and I now have a netbook), so I cannot open it to see. But if there are Strong’s numbers it should have a pop-up which would be from the Strong’s dictionary, not the KJC dictionary. That is probably where you are getting a problem. The King James Concordance Dictionary isn’t set up to tooltip strong’s numbers (best I remember). Hope that helps some.

  2. I downloaded the first linked interlinear Bible and ran it. but when look at my e-Sword i cannot
    find it there. does it run as a separate program?
    I am looking for a Hebrew-English interlinear with W C codex if possible to help as I go thru
    Page Kelley’s Intro to Biblical Hebrew. I have BW8 but have found it like learning rocket scenice to learn. If this interlinear will work outside of e-Sword that will be find otherwise how do I get it to show up on e-Sword. thanks for any suggestions…bj

  3. I have downloaded e-Sword v.9.9.1 and your IHOT
    Interlinear Hebrew English module for esword. I
    have extracted the files and have Hebrew Interlinear.bbl within the e-Sword folder. Yet I cannot find it on modules to download. I am also checking TheWord SW you wrote about. I want to try and keep things simple if possible. I only need a Interlinear Hebrew-English with vowel points for my use with class using Page Kelley’s Intro to Biblical Hebrew. Don’t need all the bells and whistles at this time. can you help me. I did the download of languages off my XP Pro disc as suggested also. Only did the ones related to regional lang. ie Hebrew not the ones for asia.
    Thanks for any help..bjb

    • I have uploaded a different Hebrew Bible for Version 8 and verison 9. Best as I can tell, the tool tips work as they should. Note that I did have a link to somebody else’s website for these two versions of this Interlineal, and now I am hosting the files on my site instead.

      • David..thanks for replying. The problem I am having with the link above, when downloaded and extracted gives a .bbl file. Have not had luck
        with trying to convert it to .bblx that is needed for e-Sword 9.9.1. I did not save my version 8 either. Where can I find a link for interlinear Hebrew Bible that has the up to date file ending so I can see your module? thanks for your help. bjb

    • THIS NOTE IS ONLY FOR THIS MODULE IN VERSION 9+ FORMAT: Once you install it into e-Sword, open e-Sword and go on the menu to Options, then resources. Under Bibles look for HOT+ in the Bible tabs. I downloaded what I had on the site, and it would not load into e-Sword (like you pointed out). I am not sure what is wrong with the module. I found another identical module (different time stamp though) and loaded it, and this one does show up as HOT+. Please redownload this module (as of January 31, 2012).

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