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WatchTower Society- Hebraic Roots Bible (Evaluation only)

Hebraic Roots Bible is a new version from the WatchTower Society (the Jehovah’s Witnesses). I normally don’t put a whole lot of material by them on my website, but those working with them might find this useful. The regular New World version has questions about whether it is copyrighted or not. This one IS COPYRIGHTED, but allowed and offered on their own site.

Institute for Scripture Research-The Scriptures Bible Version (Evaluation only)

The Scriptures Bible Version We have restored the name of the Father and his Messiah while also preserving the Hebraic mind-set of the original writers, to the best of our ability. In so doing we hope that it will shed further light on the understanding of the message of the Scriptures, thereby spiritually enriching the lives of its readers. Such a translation would be subject to on-going revision, as the ISR continues its quest to make it more and more accurate

Hebrew Restored Names Version Bible

Hebrew Restored Names Bibles