Anderson, A. P. Moore – Biography of Sir Robert Anderson

Sir Robert Anderson and Lady Agnes Anderson

by A.P.Moore-Anderson (his son)

Sir Robert Anderson
Secret Service Theologian
An Official Biography by his son.

Contents of Sir Robert Anderson Biography

1. Dublin – the beginning and the Call.
2. Gospel, commando operations in Ireland.
3. London – the Home Office and Secret Service.
4. Scotland Yard.
5. Criminals and Crime, a pioneer.
6. Friendships.
7. Home Life.
8. Preacher and Witness.
9. Author, Teacher and Defender of the Faith.
10. Counsellor and Helper of Many.
11. Mr. Valiant-for-Truth.
12. Carrying on to the End.

Anderson, A  P  Moore - Biography (1)
Anderson, A P Moore - Biography (1)
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