Pike, John – Guide for Young Disciples of the Holy Savior, in Their Way to Immortality


While, my young friend, a few fleeting years will fix you in that solemn eternal world, where the business of this life will no longer engage you, and its amusements will have no power to charm you; while every moment hurries on your final hour, and every beating pulse beats nearer to the last; while endless ages rise in solemn succession before you, and DEATH, at the door, is ready to introduce you to those unbounded and amazing scenes — O what is worth a thought, except the favor of God, and heavenly glory! O what is worthy of a moment’s care, more than making your calling and election sure! To this momentous subject I now solicit your attention.


Pike, J G - Guide For Young Disciples Of The Holy Savior, In Their Way To Immortality
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Author:Pike, J.
Platforms:Windows 8
Date:May 7, 2016