Power, Phillip – Feet of Jesus

Excerpt from this 17 chapter book!

“But the feet of Jesus! those feet which were weary, which were dust-soiled, which moved about the common haunts of man; perhaps we think we understand more of them. It may be that we do understand “more,” but not “all.” We do not understand all about any one footprint which He left on earth. There are reasons why He went to this place and to that, and why He left it, far beyond our reach. Yes; take any one footprint; see in it the earth or the dust of a fallen world, bearing the impress of the foot of the Son of God made man; why is that footmark there? What is the very first origin of it? What is the full extent of its meaning? There is no human intellect which can reach to this!”

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Power, Philip Bennett - The Feet Of Jesus (wlue777)
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Date:May 29, 2016