Penn-Lewis, Jessie – The Awakening in Wales and some of its Hidden Springs

The Awakening in Wales and some of its Hidden Springs

by Jessie Penn-Lewis

In Awakening in Wales, Jessie Penn-Lewis writes about the Welsh revival as well as some of its sources that were not so obvious to observers.

The name of Jessie Penn-Lewis often occurs in works related to the Welsh revival of 1904, not surprisingly as she was a major chronicler of the movement. She wrote an article each week in the “The Life of Faith,” tracing the course of the spiritual movement first throughout Wales, and then through many lands and by many individuals.

She contributed to a number of periodicals and produced her own history of the revival called ‘The Awakening in Wales – and Some of its   Hidden Springs,’ which is being prepared for the library.

She is most well known for her excessive caution against supposed demonic intrusions through the developing   Pentecostal work of her day, and her later involvement with Evan Roberts. Both are mentioned in this chapter.


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Author:Penn-Lewis, Jessie
Date:January 12, 2020