Carradine, B – Sanctified Life

“I always believed in the doctrine (of complete sanctification) in a general way. That is, I recognized it as being true in our standards and religious biographies; but was not so quick to see it in the life and experience of persons claiming the blessing. I was too loyal a Methodist to deny what my Church taught me to believe; but there must have been beams and motes that kept me from the enjoyment of a perfect vision of my brother. Perhaps I was prejudiced; or perhaps I had confused ignorance and mental infirmity with sin; or, truer still, I was looking on a “hidden life,” as the Bible calls it, and, of course, could not help but blunder in my judgments and conclusions, even as I had formerly erred in my understanding of the converted man when I was yet a sinner. -Carradine

Carradine, Beverly - The Sanctified Life
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Author:Carradine, B.
Date:January 23, 2017