Huss, John – The Church

Huss The Church

The Church

The Church
By John Huss

Huss’s most famous work for which he was burnt at the stake for claiming that Christ was the founder of the Church not Peter.

CONTENTS of the Church

Chapter I: The Unity of the Church
Chapter II: The One Universal Church Divided Into Three Parts
Chapter III: All Christians Are Not Members of the Church
Chapter IV: Christ the Only Head of the Church
Chapter V: Good and Bad In the Church
Chapter VI: Christ the Head of the Elect
Chapter VII: The Roman Pontiff and the Cardinals Not the Universal Church
Chapter VIII: The Faith Which Is the Foundation of the Church
Chapter IX: The Church Founded On Christ, the Rock
Chapter X: The Power of Binding and Loosing
Chapter XI: The Abuse of Scripture In the Interest of Clerical Power
Chapter XII: Christ the True Roman Pontiff Upon Whom Salvation Depends
Chapter XIII: The Pope Not the Head of the Church But Christ’s Vicar
Chapter XIV: When the Cardinals Are the True Successors of the Apostles
Chapter XV: The Church May Be Ruled Without Pope and Cardinals
Chapter XVI: The Law of God the Standard of Ecclesiastical Judgments
Chapter XVII: Huss’s Resistance to Papal Authority
Chapter XVIII: The Apostolic See, Or Cathedra Petri
Chapter XIX: When Ecclesiastical Superiors Are to Be Obeyed
Chapter XX: Obedience Not Always to Be Rendered to the Church Or Its Prelates
Chapter XXI: Circumstances Under Which Obedience Is to Be Rendered to Prelates
Chapter XXII: Excommunications, Just and Unjust
Chapter XXIII: Suspension and the Interdict

Huss, John - The Church
Huss, John - The Church
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