Gordon, S.D. – Quiet Talks on Service

Gordon Quiet Talks on Service

Quiet Talks on Service


Author of “Quiet Talks on Power” and “Quiet Talks on Prayer” 1906

In this 8 chapter work by Gordon (Congregationalist, Baptist) he presents us with meditations on our Christian Service. His chapter are person contact with Jesus or the beginning of_service, the perspective of_service, the rhythm of_service, the motive-power of_service, the ambition of_service, the golden channel of_service, a hindrance to_service, and sifted for_service.

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Contents of Quiet Talks on Service

Personal Contact with Jesus: The Beginning of_Service
The Triple Life: The Perspective of_Service
Yokefellows: The Rhythm of_Service
A Passion for Winning Men: The Motive-power of_Service
Deep-Sea Fishing: The Ambition of_Service
Money: The Golden Channel of_Service
Worry: A Hindrance to_Service
Gideon’s Band: Sifted for_Service

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Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks On Service
Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks On Service
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