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Booth Female Ministry

Booth, Catherine – Female Ministry

Female Ministry or Women’s Right to Preach the Gospel is a single chapter work on why women should be fully expected to preach and teach the gospel.

Garrett, J.W. – How New Testament Churches Relate to One Another

In this 9 chapter work, Garrett (Church of Christ) explains the NT evidence of churches relating to one another, specifically focusing on the lack of anything like a papacy or hierarchy or central controling agency.

Gordon Quiet Talks on Service

Gordon, S.D. – Quiet Talks on Service

In this 8 chapter work by Gordon (Congregationalist, Baptist) he presents us with meditations on our Christian Service. His chapter are person contact with Jesus or the beginning of service, the perspoective of service, the rhythm of service, the motive-power of service, the ambition of service, the golden channel of service, a hindrance to service, and sifted for service.

Anderson, R.J. – Vital Church Truths

Vital Church Truths by R.J. Anderson Table of Contents •Chapter One: Introduction. •Chapter Two: How To Be Saved. •Chapter Three:…