Kretzmann, P – The Popular Commentary (4 Volumes)

The Popular Commentary (4 Volumes)

by Paul Kretzmann

Summary of The Popular Commentary

By Paul Kretzmann, M.A., Ph.D, D.D., is a commentary made for the people.  The point of this commentary is to show that the Bible can be understood.  There are no long dissertations on Greek words or manuscript differences.  This commentary is based on the King James Version, and was never copyrighted (and even if it had been, the copyright would have been expired by now).  It was originally released in four volumes (two NT followed by two OT) between 1921 and 1924.  In all, there is over 3,000 pages of notes in this commentary set.

Taken from, from Bradley Cobb.

Content of The Popular Commentary

This four volume-set (two OT volumes, two NT volumes) contains 37 megabytes of text (no images).

About the Author

Kretzmann is a Lutheran.

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Date:April 1, 2019

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