Cooper After the Flood

Cooper After the Flood explores mentions of the flood in European history and literature.

After the Flood

After the Flood
by Bill Cooper

This work explores mentions of the flood in European history and literature.

CONTENTS After the Flood

Introduction: In the Beginning
Chapter 1 The Knowledge of God amongst the early Pagans
Chapter 2 Where to Begin
Chapter 3 Nennius and the Table of European Nations
Chapter 4 The Chronicles of the early Britons
Chapter 5 The History of the early British Kings
Chapter 6 The Descent of the Anglo-Saxon Kings
Chapter 7 The Descent of the Danish and Norwegian Kings
Chapter 8 The Descent of the Irish Celtic Kings
Chapter 9 Ancient Chronologies and the Age of the Earth
Chapter 10 Dinosaurs from Anglo-Saxon and other Records
Chapter 11 Beowulf and the Creatures of Denmark
Chapter 12 Conclusion
Chapter 13 What the CSM is all about


Appendix I The Nations of Shem
Appendix 2 The Nations of Ham
Appendix 3 The Nations of Japheth
Appendix 4 Surviving MSS of the early Welsh Chronicles
Appendix 5 The Latin Text of Nennius 17 and 18
Appendix 6 The Molmutine Laws and Pagan Britain
Appendix 7 The Genealogy of the early British Kings
Appendix 8 The Descent of the East Saxon Kings
Appendix 9 The Historical Characters of Beowulf
Appendix 10 Zoologically applied terms in the Beowulf
Appendix 11 Epic From Japheth to Brutus
Appendix 12 The Descent from Japheth of the Miautso
Appendix 13 Britain’s First Christian
Appendix 14 The Irish Chronicles and the end of the Ice Age

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Author:Cooper, B.
Date:October 20, 2016

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