Brantley A Christian Approach to Islam

by Garry K. Brantley, M.A., M.Div.

In Brantley A Christian Approach to Islam this 13 chapter work, Brantley gives us a brief overview and introduction of what Islam is about. Brantley A Christian Approach to Islam

Contents of Brantley A Christian Approach to Islam

1. Origin of Islam.
2. Muhammad’s Revelations and the Qur’an.
3. Muhammad’s Rejection and Flight from Mecca.
4. The Return to Mecca.
5. Major Divisions of Islam.
6. Basic Beliefs of Islam.
7. Basic Practices of Islam.
8. Islam today.
9. Preliminary Considerations.
10. Christianity and Islam – Points of Tension.
11. A Brief Evaluation of Islam.
12. Conclusion.
13. References.

In 1990, U.S. President George Bush was faced with an international crisis that he felt warranted an immediate and decisive military response. Under the direction of Saddam Hussein, Iraq invaded the small, bordering nation of Kuwait. Iraq’s massive military, with its superior weaponry, experienced little difficulty occupying and controlling Kuwait. The threat of destabilization in this oil-rich region prompted President Bush to dispatch thousands of troops into Saudi Arabia, which began Operation Desert Shield. In early 1991, U.S. and allied troops successfully defeated Iraq’s feared military in the now-famous Operation Desert Storm, and drove back the remnants of Hussein’s tattered troops to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

During this conflict, which potentially threatened global peace, millions in the U.S. were glued to their television sets by anxiety over the fates of their fellow citizens. Technology and dauntless reporters kept us abreast of practically every frightening clash between Iraqi and allied forces. In the course of this continuous news coverage, Westerners not only were confronted with Saddam Hussein’s dreaded military, but also were exposed to a culture that is dominated by an unfamiliar religion—Islam. With the increasing awareness of our global society, and with the worldwide proliferation of this religion, it is important for Christians to understand and respond to Islam.

Brantley A Christian Approach to Islam

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