Meyer Bells of IS

The Bells of IS; or, Voices of Human Need and Sorrow
by Meyer, Frederick Brotherton

Meyer Bells of IS is a series of personal accounts from Pastor Meyer and his ministry.

CONTENTS of Meyer Bells of IS

Chapter 1 – A Birthday Reverie
Chapter 2 – Melbourne Hall, Leicester
Chapter 3 – Launching Out
Chapter 4 – At the Gaol Gates
Chapter 5 – My First Case
Chapter 6 – Our System of Relief
Chapter 7 – My Work as Banker
Chapter 8 – A Brace of Fowls
Chapter 9 – Prisoners and Societies
Chapter 10 – My Relations with the Publicans
Chapter 11 – Providence House
Chapter 12 – I become a Firewood Merchant
Chapter 13 – Various Methods
Chapter 14 – The Streets
Chapter 15 – The Cathedral
Chapter 16 – On the Race-Course

Meyer Bells of IS

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