Bradford, John – Daily Meditations and Prayers

Table of Contents

1 When you Awake out of your Sleep, Pray thus:
1.1 So soon as you behold the Daylight, Pray:
1.2 When you Arise, Pray:
1.3 When you Dress yourself, Pray:
1.4 When you are made Ready to begin the Day, Pray:
2 Cogitations Proper to Begin the Day with prayer
2.1 When you go Forth out of Doors, Pray:
2.2 When you are going any Journey, Pray:
2.3 Or Pray thus:
2.4 When you we about to Receive your Meat, Pray:
2.5 In the Meal-time, Pray:
2.6 After your Meat, Pray thus:
3 Cogitations for about the Midday time
3.1 When you come Home again, Pray:
3.2 At the Sun’s going Down, Pray:
3.3 When the Candles are lighted, Pray:
3.4 When you Undress yourself, Pray:
3.5 When you Enter into your Bed, Pray:
3.6 When you feel Sleep to be Coming, Pray:
4 Another Prayer
5 A Godly Prayer to be read at all Times

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Date:July 15, 2016