Miller, J.R. – Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks

Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks
By J.R. Miller
Few religious exercises mean so much in the way of spiritual impression and culture, as daily family worship. It sweetens and sanctifies the home life. It brings into the daily experiences, which are always marked by more or less friction, the spirit of love, thus healing the hurts made by impatience, pride, and selfishness, and continually restoring the balance of affection. If there were no other blessing from household worship, this alone would be enough to justify it as indispensable in a true family — one of the secrets of happy home life!
Besides this, the reading of the Bible in the family daily, year after year, is an education in itself. It makes the home, the best kind of a school of Jesus. We believe in prayer, too; and answers come down upon households which every day bow at God’s feet. Who can tell what blessings descend, day after day, through the years, upon the members of the families that call upon God’s name?
A great many Christian young people, when they first set up their home, are timid, and shrink from establishing the family altar, because they dread to pray aloud. They fear they could not put their desires into words. Among such there is a frequent request for books of prayers which they might use, at least for a time. Some would read the prayers in their devotions, and others would merely use them as examples, to help them express their own thoughts and wishes when they pray.
This book has been prepared in the hope that it may lead to the setting up of more family altars, and may thus help in the blessing of homes.
The prayers may be helpful also in private devotions. The thoughtful reading of one of them, may at least aid in preparing the heart for bringing its own personal requests to God.
There are at the close, a few prayers for special occasions which may be suggestive.
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