James, John Angell – Jewels (8 Volumes)

Jewels from James (Choice devotional selections from the works of John Angell James) Summary These are 8 volumes (books) from John James Angell with choice devotional thoughts. A great encouragement to any Christian.       James, John Angell – Jewels (8 Volumes) (wlue777) James-John-Angell-Jewels-8-Volumes-wlue777.topx 1.6 MiB 112 Downloads Details Author:James, J. Platforms:Windows 8 Category:Topx-j … Read more

Hall, Newman – Leaves of Healing from the Garden of Grief (wlue777)

GETHSEMANE—Leaves of Healing from the Garden of Grief by Newman Hall, 1891 This Book is the fulfillment of a long-cherished purpose. It expresses the thoughts and prayers of many years, and is published with devout desire to minister consolation to some of the afflicted children of God. 1. The Place Called Gethsemane 2. Companions in … Read more

Albert, The Great – On Cleaving to God

On Cleaving to God
attributed to Saint Albert the Great (1193-1280)

This famous and much loved little treatise, On Cleaving to God, (De Adhaerendo Deo) has always been attributed to Saint Albert the Great, who lived from about 1200 to 1280, and was one of the most respected theologians of his time.”I have had the idea of writing something for myself on and about the state of complete and full abstraction from everything and of cleaving freely, confidently, nakedly and firmly to God alone, so as to describe it fully (in so far as it is possible in this abode of exile and pilgrimage), especially since the goal of Christian perfection is the love by which we cleave to God.” –St. Albert the Great, On the highest and supreme perfection of man, in so far as it is possible in this life.

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Winslow, Mary – Some dying sayings of Mary Winslow

Excerpt: “Meet me in heaven!” was her dying charge. And then, when her lips were thought forever sealed; lips that had testified so long and so faithfully of Jesus; she exclaimed, with a voice of wondrous energy and power, “A cloudless death! A cloudless death! A cloudless death!” So resplendent was the glory now surrounding … Read more