Smith Fruit from the Tree of Life

Smith Fruit from the Tree of Life is a devotional work on how salvation should produce fruit in the Christian’s life.

In the midst of the garden, which the Lord God planted for man’s residence at first, was the tree of life. And in the midst of the holy city, intended for the residence of ransomed man at last, is to be the tree of life. What the tree of life was to Eden, and what the tree of life will be to the New Jerusalem — is the Word of God to the Church of Christ now. It is laden with pleasant fruits, and its fruit is for the food and healing of the soul. There is life . . .
in its glorious doctrines — and sublime predictions;
in its precious promises — and holy precepts;
in its instructive histories — and sacred mysteries;
in its dark figures — and in its plain facts.

Smith, James - Fruit From The Tree Of Life
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Author:Smith, J.
Date:August 29, 2016