Spurgeon Gleanings among the Sheaves

Spurgeon Gleanings among the Sheaves is a devotional sermon commentary by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Gleanings among the Sheaves

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Sample Gleaning (Quote) Warfare for Sin.

You may read the Bible continuously, and yet never learn anything by it, unless it is illuminated by the Spirit; and then the words shine forth like stars. The book seems made of gold leaf; every single letter glitters like a diamond. O! it is a blessed thing to read an illuminated Bible lit up by the radiance of the Holy Ghost. Hast thou read the Bible, and yet have thine eyes been unenlightened? Go and say, “O Lord, illuminate it; shine upon it; for I cannot read it to profit, unless Thou enlightenest me.” Blind men may read the Bible with their fingers, but blind souls cannot. We want a light to read the Bible by; there is no reading it in the dark. Spurgeon Gleanings among the Sheaves

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Spurgeon, C H - Gleanings Among The Sheaves
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Author:Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Date:May 7, 2017