Watson – Daily devotions from Thomas Watson

Daily devotional from the writings of Thomas Watson, Puritan.

This module is a devotional module taken from the Writings of Thomas Watson, a Puritan. They are set up as Daily Devotions.

Sample devotional:

What makes men so loathe to die?

Because their conscience accuses them that
they are not fit for heaven—so now death looks
ghastly! They are afraid death will carry them
as prisoners to hell!

At the hour of death, sinners will awaken out
of their lethargy—and fall into a frenzy of horror
and despair!

But the Christian who has been active in piety, and
has spent his time in the service of God, can look
death in the face with comfort. Death shall do him no
hurt; it shall not be a destruction, but a deliverance!
It shall purge out sin and perfect glory!


Watson Devotional
Watson Devotional
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