Website Statistics Website Statistics is a page on how many visitors we have had, how many searches done, pages views, GB downloaded. Note that over the last two years, we have been having constant problems with our web hosting provider, and in November we moved to another provider which is much faster and more reliable.

1) Year 2) Unique Visitors 3) Visits 4) Pages viewed 5) GBs of data downloaded.

2020   70k    161k     2.641k    138.98GBs
2019    25k     52k     1.269k    41.27GBs
2018    38k    109k       693k      60.1GBs
2017     32k     82k        603k    39.77GBs
2016     12k     36k        455k      21.59GBs
2015     22k     72k        545k      25GBs
2014     44k   142k        451k      28.27GBs
2013     29k     88k       272k      16.18GBs
2012     14k      42k       144k      19GBs