Abbott Cyrus the Great

Abbott Cyrus the Great is a historical work about a ruler in Bible times so as to provide background material in understanding the times of the Bible.

by Jacob Abbott


This is a 12 chapter work over the life and death of Cyrus the Great.

Evaluation by David Cox

This is a straight historical work, so if you are researching into rulers around the biblical times, this work would be helpful, otherwise probably better not to download it.

Chapter Content

Chapter 1. Herodotus And Xenophon.
Chapter 2. The Birth Of Cyrus.
Chapter 3. The Visit To Media.
Chapter 4. Croesus.
Chapter 5. Accession Of Cyrus To The Throne.
Chapter 6. The Oracles.
Chapter 7. The Conquest Of Lydia.
Chapter 8. The Conquest Of Babylon.
Chapter 9. The Restoration Of The Jews.
Chapter 10. The Story Of Panthea.
Chapter 11. Conversations.
Chapter 12. The Death Of Cyrus.