Category: History

Penn, W. – The People called Quakers

This work outlines and details the Rise and Progress of the Quakers, presenting their fundamental doctrines, worship, ministry, and discipline. It is in 6 unnamed chapters.

Allen, P.S. – The Age of Erasmus

Erasmus is a discussion of the life of Erasmus.

Abbott, Jacob – Xerxes

Xerxes – Jacob Abbott Abbott, Jacob – Xerxes (wlue777) Abbott-Jacob-Xerxes-wlue777.topx 0.7 MiB 64 Downloads Details Author:Abott, J. Category:Topx-a Date:October 8,…

Candlish, R.S. – Lectures on The Conversion of the Jews

This is a single chapter lecture by Candlish on the conversion of the Jews under NT Christianity.

McGrath – Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants

This is a shorter (2 chapter) work on the Anabaptists (the predecessors of the Baptists), identifying them as neither Catholics nor Protestants.