Category: History

Abraham, I. – Chapters on Jewish Literature

Israel Abrahams (1858-1925) was a leading British Jewish scholar. In 1902 Abrahams came to the United States to teach at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Chapters on Jewish Literature contains 25 short chapters on Jewish literature, opening with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 and ending with the death of Moses Mendelssohn in 1786.

Bacon, L.W. – A History of American Christianity

This is a 22 chapter historical work of the advance of Christianity in America (the United States). It traces various denominations and groups. It is published under the auspices of the American Society of Church History, general editors Philip Schaff, etc.

Josephus, Flavius – Against Apion

a polemical work written by Flavius Josephus as a defense of Judaism as a classical religion and philosophy, stressing its antiquity against what he perceived as more recent traditions of the Greeks.

Ironside, H.A. – Sketch of the Brethren Movement

This is a brief outline of the Brethren Movement. Ironside was a Brethren member.