How to Download one of our eSword modules

How to Download one of our modules

By David Cox, Webmaster

First, you need to go to the page of the work you are interested in downloading.

Helpful Note: We have Google Ads on our website, so they may show up anywhere. Many of these have the words “Download” in a button. DO NOT CLICK ON THESE except if you want to go see the ad. But clicking on a Google Ad button WILL NOT GET YOU THE MODULE WE ARE OFFERING! That link is at the bottom of the post or page. I will show you what that looks like below.

An Example of Google




Second, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to the download link.

esword download example






Actual Working Download Link of this Module

Berkhof, Louis - Systematic Theology
Berkhof, Louis - Systematic Theology ยป Post
Version: 1
5.5 MiB

You can click on Details and many times we have some brief information about the module here also. See in the post/page for more information.

esword download example